Powell Peralta Andy Anderson Heron Flight Deck 9.13 x 32.80


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UPC 842357136946
Brand Powell-Peralta
Deck Shape 290
Deck Construction FLIGHT®
Deck Concave K21
Deck Wheelbase 15″
Deck Length 32.8″
Deck Width 9.13″
Deck Nose 6.8″
Deck Tail 6.8″

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Powell Andy anderson flight skateboard deck with custom shape

From Stacy- “There are so many in the skateboarding world who see skating as a religion that has to be practiced to high and specific standards; you have to fit in and skate this kind of terrain, you have to fit in and do these kinds of tricks, you can’t mix this style with that style, you have to look this way or that way, etc. And then every once in a while there’s a skater like Andy who doesn’t fit into this fanatical mold, a skater who is such an outsider himself that he doesn’t even fit into skateboarding. He doesn’t fit in because he doesn’t follow the rules. What Andy does is live the credo of what a skateboarder should be. He doesn’t conform, and he doesn’t seek acceptance, and in doing so he accepts the exclusion that comes with being a true outsider. That’s what a true skateboarder is.” About Powell Peralta Flight Decks Powell Peralta decks are made in the USA at our skateboard manufacturing facility in Santa Barbara, CA. Materials include US hardrock maple, high strength fiberglass, AirLam fused with epoxy, and guaranteed against delamination for their useful life. Our graphics are created in-house with solvent-free paints and varnishes to keep our atmosphere clean.


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